Chichester Festival Theatre’s RENEW project

Chichester Festival Theatre is a grade II* listed building constructed in 1962 on a limited budget for summer festivals. The theatre now operates all year round with over 4 times the number of annual visitors that it was designed for and therefore needed a refurbishment to accommodate the changes, hence the RENEW project .

The 18 month project, carried out by Main Contractor Geoffrey Osborne Ltd, involved demolition and new build as well as complete internal refit. Structural Renovations involvement was the repair to the large areas of exposed concrete to the facades required due to spalling concrete and exposed reinforcement due to carbonation.

The concrete elements of the facades are constructed with an exposed golden and cream aggregate in in some areas the whole face of the beams were removed and repaired.

The challenge was to produce a repair that both satisfied the requirements of both the structural engineer and the architect. After a number of trials, this was achieved by use of Remmers Betofix repair mortars and finished with colour matched Remmers Restoration Mortar modified with the addition of a limited amount of suitable aggregate.

Finally the repaired areas and any remaining concrete were lightly grit blasted to enhance the finished texture and then treated with an migrating corrosion inhibitor and finally a water repellent.

This is another example of where Structural Renovations Ltd are able to repair structures where both the colour, texture are matched and integrity of the concrete is maintained.

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