Structural Renovations Helifix

Crack Stitching in Cookham

Structural Renovations Limited have completed significant masonry stabilisation to a large thatch-roofed residence on the bank of the River Thames at Cookham in Berkshire.

Although the house had been built in an elevated position a reasonable distance from the river itself, it has suffered serious flooding in the past and would continue to do so if preventative measures were not put in place.

The owner took the decision to raise the property by just under a metre, to ensure it was future-proofed from the increasingly high-water levels that are now being experienced.

The house was slowly raised using hydraulic jacks, which were positioned on spreader plates to evenly distribute the considerable loads until at the desired height.

Whilst being jacked-up, cracks developed in the rendered block extension of the property, which necessitated crack stitching using stainless helical bars being grouted into position, to a design by ourselves and approved by Helifix

Once the Helifix scheme was installed to the satisfaction of the manufacturer any disturbed render was taken back to a sound substrate and was prepared and repaired to match the surrounding areas.

This interesting project was completed with the building owners still in residence.

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