Denys Wilkinson Building Structural Renovations Limited

Denys Wilkinson Building Accelerator Tower

Structural Renovations Limited have just completed a concrete repair and corrosion control project within the fan shaped Brutalist structure, known as the Denys Wilkinson Building at the University of Oxford.

The building is named after the nuclear physicist, Sir Deny Wilkinson and originally housed two Van de Graaff particle accelerators. The accelerators were intended to support research into nuclear structure, a field that was popular at the time of the building’s construction in the 1960s. The building no longer used for this purpose.

Our works were concerned with significant repairs to the roof structure, which had suffered from prolonged water ingress, through lack of maintenance.

All defects identified through a hammer test survey and visual inspection, were broken out back to sound substrate and were square cut to depth of 10mm to prevent featheredging of the subsequent repair. Exposed reinforcement was mechanically wire brushed and treated with Sika Monotop 1010, followed by the application of Sika Monotop 4012, to original surface levels.
Due to the general condition of the reinforcement within the roof structure, Sika Margel VPI capsules were drilled and installed at the required centres, to provide corrosion control and arrest any ongoing deterioration.

The completed works will provide the treated elements of the structure with an extended service life.

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