Structural Renovations Monarch House

Monarch House

Structural Renovations Limited have recently completed concrete repair and coating works to the underside of a reinforced concrete slab over the car parking area of a large residential block of apartments, in Eastbourne.

The development, constructed in the late 1980’s, sits on columns above ground level and provides covered parking for the residents, as well as protection from flooding, as the beach/sea is only approximately 50m from the block.

Although the block is well maintained the exposed concrete ‘waffle’ slab, which forms the ground floor has never received any treatment and due to the aggressive marine environment, it had begun to deteriorate, with cracks and spalls forming in numerous locations.

The underside of the slab was surveyed by an independent testing company, to identify the extent of damage and propose suitable remedial action, which would protect the structure.

We secured the contract through competitive tender and provided a fixed price, lump sum to carry out repairs to existing defects, combined with preparing and coating the entire slab with a pigmented, anti-carbonation coating.

It was agreed that the works would be carried out in four phases, as our Client wished for the car park to remain live throughout the works and this was achieved by systematically screening off the working areas, to prevent damage to the adjacent parked cars, whilst allowing them to move freely in and out of the car park.

The works were completed to the agreed financial budget and approved contract programme period.

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