New Square

New Square

Work has recently been completed to a metal access staircase on a large business park in west London. Structural Renovations secured the project with a repeat business client, after providing assistance on the production of a suitable specification for the issues being encountered.

The staircase was suffering from extensive corrosion and failed coatings, which had led to the structure looking unsightly and potentially unsafe where the non-slip wearing surface of the treads had worn away.

We took possession of the site in early April and closed the staircase off to the public and business park staff.

Extensive protection was put in place prior to the entire structure being open blasted using a recycled glass media, to remove all existing coatings and corrosion back to a sound substrate. The prepared metalwork was then recoated using a 3 coat paint system usually applied in a marine environment, such as oil rigs, gas platforms and dockyards. The primer and intermediate coats were 2-component, epoxy based and the top coat was polyurethane based and also a 2-component product. The treads of the staircase incorporated a quartz sand to provide good slip resistance and the nosings of each tread were further treated with a 2-component, traction enhancing coating in a contrasting colour.

The project was completed a week ahead of programme, despite suffering from poor weather conditions at various points.

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