Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding

Lancaster Hotel

St. Georges HospitalWe have recently carried out two projects involving the installation of carbon fibre reinforced plates.

The Lancaster Hotel just off Hyde Park and the Theatre Recovery area of St. Georges Hospital in Tooting are currently undergoing refurbishment and weber.tec force carbon plates have been specified to be bonded to either slab soffits or walls where new service holes are to be formed.

As both the buildings were occupied during the installation, noisy works periods were limited and generation of dust was controlled by plant fitted with dust collection equipment.

Pavilion Retail Park, Brighton

The Pavilions Retail Park is bounded on one side by a 5m high retaining wall constructed from concrete and brickwork faced in places with render.  The 240m long wall has been constructed in phases over a number of years and has suffered from water ingress and root damage.

The Company has been appointed to carry out a make safe survey removing all loose materials that could be hazardous along the adjacent fire route, storage and public areas and to establish the condition of the wall along its whole length in order that a repair programme can be prepared for implementing.

Pavilion Retail Park
Pavilion Retail Park

Connor’s Court, Rottingdean

In April 2012, Connor Saunders, a local and popular 19 year old, was tragically killed in a senseless act of violence in Rottingdean. Connor's family & friends approached PARC, asking the charity to help create a positive memorial to remember their friend and to provide a space where they and other young people could go at any time to kick a ball around.

Structural Renovations Ltd was awarded the contract to construct the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on the site of a former swimming pool on the Rottingdean seafront that was closed and filled with concrete in the 1980s.

The contract included preparation of the existing concrete slab, application of a hard wearing coloured textured playing surface & markings and erection of the fencing incorporating goals and basketball hoops.

On completion of the spraying the face of the new wall is to be clad in timber fence panels.

Waterproof Coatings

Clement Court, High Wycombe

Clement Court consists of 2 residential blocks with a bored pile wall to the SW boundary.  The Company has recently been awarded the contract to consolidate the wall by installing additional connections between the piles and capping beam followed by the application of spray concrete to the face of the piles on mesh using Weber.Cem Conspray for a thickness up to 200mm.

On completion of the spraying the face of the new wall is to be clad in timber fence panels.

Clement Court
Clement Court

HTC, Slough

Sika LPL QA Contractor, Structural Renovations Ltd, has just been awarded the contract for the application of a liquid applied roof membrane to the roof of the HTC building in Slough.

The existing single ply membrane is in poor condition and is now reaching the end of its service life requiring either replacement or over coating.

Sika LPL have designed a 15 year guaranteed system incorporating Decothane and Reemat Premium that is to be applied over the existing single ply maintaining integrity of the weatherproofing.

Works commenced at the end of September and is expected to take up to 6 weeks to complete.

HTC Slough
HTC Slough

Schools out!

Schools out

Having completed in July the concrete condition survey to the school buildings at the St Lawrence Primary & Christchurch Infant School in Wembley, the Company has since been awarded 3 more schools projects for repeat business clients to be carried out in August & September.

Traditional concrete repairs using the Sika Monotop range, complimented with MCI corrosion control & elastomeric coatings in some instances, are to be carried out at Robin Hood School in Kingston Vale, Fairholme Primary School in the London Borough of Hounslow and Michaela School in Wembley.