Banbury Town Hall

Banbury Town Hall, built in 1854, is a fine Victorian Gothic building, however due to some poor construction details and a spreading roof, the stone arch between the main hall and high level-viewing gallery had failed some years ago. To prevent further masonry collapse the arch was bricked up.

Once the walls had been repaired and the problems with the spreading roof had been resolved, the local authority decided that the viewing gallery should be reopened and the building returned to its original state. The stonework to the arch therefore had to be strengthened and tied back to the main walls before the infill brickwork could be removed.

From the wide range of remedial ties manufactured by Helifix, CemTies were selected by the historic building consultant at GBS Architects of Oxford as the most appropriate solution. The CemTie is specifically designed for stabilising solid masonry, repairing and securing parapets, cornices and decorative fascias, is ideal for situations and causes limited disturbance.

16mm dia. holes were drilled through the stonework. Helibond grout and the stainless steel tie were then injected into each hole using a pinning nozzle and grout gun.

This method allowed the historic fabric to be retained and the works fully concealed prior to the removal of the infill panel and final decoration.

Masonry problems require the cause to be diagnosed correctly. Only then can an appropriate remedial system be designed and carried out successfully. Remedial works may include:

  • Bay window repair
  • Crack stitching
  • Creation of load bearing masonry beams
  • Lintel repairs  Masonry arch repair
  • Movement joint creation
  • Parapet wall repair
  • Restraining bowed external walls
  • Rubble filled and random stone wall repair
  • Reconnecting separated walls
  • Brick slip repairs

Structural Renovations Ltd are an Approved Helifix Installer and can offer advice on repair options. In conjunction with Helifix we can provide a full design that can be underwritten by Helifix PI Insurance with 10-year warranties on offer on completed works.