The Arnussi

Built in 1923, The Arnussi is a homage to Egyptian & Middle-Eastern architecture.

Upon returning to England from the Sinai Desert in Egypt after the First World War, original owner Percy Stammwitz built his home in Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex.

Built mainly in concrete with render and a decorative coating, the property includes an Egyptian gateway, straddled by two kneeling camels, roof top domes and minarets and even a 3,000 year old mummified cat buried in a glass sarcophagus in the domed entrance vestibule.

Overtime further rooms were added to the property. Due to the variety of materials used, the new sections of the property proved to be detrimental allowing water ingress. The rendered surfaces began to crack and coatings flake off.

Recent new owners of the property identified the need to renovate their new home. Sika Limited produced a specification for them and we negotiated the contract for the repair and protection works.

Existing coatings were removed by grit blasting, and water jetting in finer areas.

The remedial works included traditional concrete repairs using a hand placed high-build polymer modified repair mortar, resin injection of cracks and render repairs using modified sand and cement mixes. New movement joints were installed at the changes in substrate materials.

Finally a fairing coat and a decorative elastomeric crack-bridging anti-carbonation protective coating was applied reinstating the home to its former glory.