Shenington Control Tower

Shenington Control Tower

The airfield at Shenington near Banbury was completed in 1941, and called RAF Edgehill operating Vickers Wellingtons, Miles Martinets and Hawker Hurricanes and was also for the flight testing of the Gloster E28/39 jet in 1942.

After the war it became a storage depot. After a brief period as a Flying Training School, it finally closed as an RAF station in 1953.

Since then the control tower has fallen into disrepair as seen in the photograph until recently when planning permission was given to repair the building & convert into a habitable space.

Structural Renovations provided budget figure for the complete overhaul of the structure and were subsequently awarded the structural repair package. This  included concrete repair & resin injection to beams and soffits followed by application of a migrating corrosion inhibitor & fairing coat whilst maintaining the as cast finish of the 1940’s board finish.

Watch this space for a picture of the finished project!



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