Sindlesham Court - Structural Renovations

Sindlesham Court

Structural Renovations Limited have recently undertaken a specialist masonry stabilisation project to a Grade II listed property in Berkshire, for a repeat business client.

Sindlesham Court was built in the Mid-17th Century for a prominent family in the area. It remained a large residential property until it was requisitioned in WWII to house female employees of the Miles Aircraft Company, based in Woodley. It is currently used as a Masonic Lodge and events venue.

Following a detailed survey it was established that part of the parapet wall was severely out of plumb (>110mm over a 1.0m height) and required stabilisation, together with areas of cracked masonry/brickwork below.

The defective length of parapet was carefully demolished and rebuilt before the installation of a Helifix Scheme.

As an Approved Installer for Helifix the newly built section of parapet was diamond drilled vertically down by 1.5m at 1.0m centres. Helifix SockFix anchors were then installed and secured in position using Helifix SockFix Grout, injected through a proprietary pressure vessel.

The cracked areas of brickwork below the grouted anchors in the parapet required Helifix HeliBeam to be installed, whereby Helifix HeliBar is embedded in Helifix HeliBond Grout before repointing to match surrounding brickwork.

Once installed both items described above ensure the parapet is tied to the main façade, to prevent future failure.

A 10 year Helifix Warranty was provided following completion.

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