Structural Renovations Celebrates 25 Years

This year sees Structural Renovations Limited celebrate 25 years operating successfully in the specialist repair industry. The past quarter of century has seen many changes both within our sector and the world around us.

Looking back to 1993 and comparing it to 2018, it is immediately apparent how nothing has changed more obviously than the way we communicate in both our personal and working lives. Smart phones, email, social media and the internet seem a million miles from the basic mobile phones (still relatively new in 1993), pagers and fax machines….mind you 25 years before 1993 the letter, post-card and telegram were all still very much in use!

We began trading in April 1993, above a bike shop in Ruislip High Street, with one computer and a land line, offering to carry out diagnostic surveys, concrete repairs and waterproofing. By 2000 we had relocated to larger premises in Langley and were able to offer additional services, such as high-performance coatings, carbon fibre strengthening and the application of reinforced liquid applied roof/balcony membranes. We moved to our current premises in George Green in 2003, at that point having traded for 10 years, having firmly established ourselves within the market place, complete with an enviable list of blue chip, repeat business clients.

Adding masonry stabilisation and the ability to provide aesthetically acceptable finishes to a wide range of structures, we were now able to assist in the repair and restoration of listed and architecturally significant buildings. The Barbican Estate, The Royal Hospital and Somerset House are among some of the most recognisable projects we have completed, together with Colchester Castle, The Palladium Theatre, Worth Abbey and most recently the iconic Hoover Building.

Our long-serving office and site management teams provide the backbone to the business, which has allowed us to develop long-standing relationships with building surveyors, structural engineers, architects, as well as local authorities, housing associations and private bodies.

The way we communicate may have changed beyond recognition over the years but our methodical and knowledgeable approach to rectifying the multitude of problems a building or structure may suffer from remains the same as when we started trading 25 years ago…

If you would like to discuss a current or upcoming project or would like to meet us on site or at your offices, please get in touch.

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