Burwood Court

Structural Renovations Burwood Court

Working closely with Fosroc Limited, Structural Renovations Limited have recently completed the refurbishment of the external concrete areas of Burwood Court in Chelmsford.

Burwood Court is spread over 4No. blocks comprising of residential properties across 3No. floors.

The works entailed the concrete repair and protection to the exposed concrete walkways linking the properties and the 3No. access stair towers. The repairs were identified by the clients representative, Stace LLP, at tender stage and were subsequently carried out using a combination of Fosroc Renderoc HB30, Renderoc ST05 and Nitofill TH & LV. The soffits and faces of the walkways were further protected using Fosroc Dekguard W.

The existing expansion joints to both the decks and soffits were raked out and replaced using Fosroc Nitoseal MS300 to the decks and Nitoseal MS60 to the soffits. Due to the cracking that was identified to the walkway decks, additional expansion joints were introduced to act as ‘crack inducers.’

The walkway decks and stair tower steps & landings were prepared and coated with the Fosroc Nitodek FS system, which included a primer, reinforced membrane and pigmented top coat. The system provides a waterproof anti-slip coating and the addition of Nitodek FS Hardener into each coat meant that we were able to return the walkways and staircases back to service with limited restricted access which was of paramount importance to significantly reduce the impact on the residents.

Monarch House

Structural Renovations Monarch House

Structural Renovations Limited have recently completed concrete repair and coating works to the underside of a reinforced concrete slab over the car parking area of a large residential block of apartments, in Eastbourne.

The development, constructed in the late 1980’s, sits on columns above ground level and provides covered parking for the residents, as well as protection from flooding, as the beach/sea is only approximately 50m from the block.

Although the block is well maintained the exposed concrete ‘waffle’ slab, which forms the ground floor has never received any treatment and due to the aggressive marine environment, it had begun to deteriorate, with cracks and spalls forming in numerous locations.

The underside of the slab was surveyed by an independent testing company, to identify the extent of damage and propose suitable remedial action, which would protect the structure.

We secured the contract through competitive tender and provided a fixed price, lump sum to carry out repairs to existing defects, combined with preparing and coating the entire slab with a pigmented, anti-carbonation coating.

It was agreed that the works would be carried out in four phases, as our Client wished for the car park to remain live throughout the works and this was achieved by systematically screening off the working areas, to prevent damage to the adjacent parked cars, whilst allowing them to move freely in and out of the car park.

The works were completed to the agreed financial budget and approved contract programme period.

Sheldon House

Structural Renovations were instructed during the COVID-19 Lockdown to commence on site as soon as it was deemed safe to do so.

Prior to mobilising it was essential for the Company to have procedures in place to mitigate the spread of the virus between site workers, residents of the building and the general public. All operations to be carried out were risk assessed and control measures developed, such as increased PPE, staggered break times and regular sanitising of plant.

All individuals involved with the project received a site-specific induction regarding the actual works and separate Tool-Box Talk regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The works at Sheldon House, a 1960s, 7 storey, purpose built block of flats involved the removal of brick slips at each floor level to expose the reinforced concrete slab edges. The condition of the slab edges could then be assessed and a greater understanding of the building’s construction could be established.

Structural repairs were completed, including the installation of new stainless steel reinforcement and a migrating corrosion inhibitor; applied to pacify any ongoing corrosion within the existing reinforcement.

The repaired slab edges were then ‘built-out’ to the face of the brickwork using a structural, polymer modified mortar and once sufficiently cured these were primed and received two coats of pigmented anti-carbonation coating.

In addition cracks within the brickwork were repaired using Helifix approved repair systems.

All works were completed from temporary electric cradles, which provided a safe, suitable and economical method of accessing this type of repair project.

Huttons Hotel

Huttons Hotel - Structural Renovations Concrete Repairs

Structural Renovations have recently completed the external refurbishment of Huttons Hotel on Belgrave Road in London, SE1.

Huttons Hotel is converted from Victorian town houses and is situated approximately 1 mile from Buckingham Palace.

The building was thoroughly cleaned and loose coatings were removed. Following this a detailed visual survey and hammer test was undertaken to establish the extent of defective render and concrete.

Traditional render repairs were then carried out and the decorative details such as cornices and window surrounds were reformed using Flexcrete Monolite.

A decorative filler was applied to the facades to provide a level surface which was then over coated with Flexcrete Monodex Ultra.

To further enhance the life expectancy of the building the high level cornice was waterproofed with Sikalastic 625 and the junction between the window frames & reveals were resealed using Sika Hyflex 250 facade.

Pelican Wharf

Pelican Wharf - Concrete Repairs - Structural Renovations Limited

Structural Renovations Limited are currently restoring part of the river wall in Wapping. The location of our works is at Pelican Wharf, which although was a wharf and warehouse well into the 20th century, is now a luxury apartment block built in 1987.

Access to the works area is limited by the tides which has meant careful planning and programming has had to be put into place to maximise the available working times. We have erected scaffold on the river bed/foreshore, securely fixed to the embankment wall to avoid being washed away at full tide.

The works are concerned with brickwork repair and stabilisation, concrete repair and consolidation and associated ironmongery repairs to the river wall and adjoining access steps between Pelican Wahrf and the historic Prospect of Whitby public house.

Westminster Court, Worthing

Structural Renovations Limited commenced work on site at Westminster Court in September. The project consists of concrete repair, corrosion management and protective coatings to the 9 storey, purpose built residential block, which over looks the sea.

The reinforced concrete had been previously repaired and existing repairs had began to fail, combined with ‘new’ defects that had presented themselves.

The blocks close proximity to the sea has accelerated the deterioration of the concrete due to the effects of airborne chloride contamination and it was therefore proposed that a form of corrosion control should be adopted to prolong the life of not only the repaired areas but the concrete in its entirety.

The working areas have been scaffolded and clad with debris netting, to provide a safe and efficient mean of access.

Following a visual and hammer tap survey, all defective areas of concrete were broken back to sound substrate and the reinforcement treated with a cement rich primer. All prepared and treated areas were then reinstated using a hand placed, polymer modified repair mortar.

The corrosion management system involved drilling and installing vapour phase inhibitor capsules in a grid pattern across all concrete faces. These capsules will release their inhibiting properties over 12-48 months around the reinforcement, providing a passivating protective layer, which reduces exposure to harmful chlorides.

All concrete surfaces are then to be pressure washed to remove dirt and loose materials, followed by the application of a water based primer/adhesion promoter.

Finally, the entire primed area will be protected with a pigmented, elastomeric, anti-carbonation coating.

All products are produced by Sika Limited and this particular system, once complete will provide the client with a 10 year guarantee.

The works are programmed for completion in early November.