Surface Preparation

Correct surface preparation is the key to successful coatings and we are able to remove existing coatings, clean existing surfaces and prepare substrates for subsequent applications using techniques such as grit and dry ice blasting, water jetting, floor planing and scabbling.

Concrete Repair

We are an approved applicator of the major specialist material manufacturers, such as Sika, Weber, Fosroc, Flexcrete and Remmers. We are able to offer concrete repair techniques, including hand applied, sprayed, flowable and resin injection.

Corrosion Control

The use of liquid applied and drilled in corrosion inhibitors and anodic protection within the repair programme, can provide the client with accurate cost forecasts by reducing the quantities of repairs required by providing protection to the reinforcement from latent corrosion.

Protective Coatings

As part of a repair programme, levelling mortars and coatings not only provide an aesthetically pleasing finish but protect the structure with further protection from carbonation and chloride attack.

Techniques for application will depend on location and quantities and range from brush and roller applied to airless spray.

 Electrochemical Solutions

In order to prevent the formation of new corrosion to the existing reinforcement in areas adjacent to newly repaired concrete sacrificial anodes can be incorporated into the repairs. These have a zinc core that once connected to the reinforcement corrodes preferentially to the surrounding reinforcement providing “cathodic protection” and therefore preventing incipient anode formation.

A further system of linked anodes can be used where there is a risk of further deterioration to the structure and are drilled for and grouted in place in “chains".

Impressed current and other specialist systems are available.

We can assist with an initial survey and accurate diagnosis to establish where your problem can be solved with this or any of these systems.

Joint Sealing

We are able to carry out a wide range of sealant applications including reconstructing deck movement joints, precast panel joint replacement and window surrounds.

Concrete Surface Preparation
Renovating external concrete cornicing